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Sementin ruiskutuspumppu - Vikay



Sementin ruiskutuspumppu - Vikay

Vikay Mining Equipments is a worldwide distributor of OEM quality Sementin ruiskutuspumppu - Vikay - Grouting Pump suitable for using in Underground Mines and specially designed for Cement grouts where low volume and high pressure is required.from India.

Pneumatic Cement Injection Pump VK-CIP

Vikay Pneumatic Cement Injection Pump for Underground Mines

The Pneumatic Cement Injection Pump is used in Underground Mines, specially designed for Cement grouts & spraying water based Binder, where low volume and high pressure is required.

Salient Features 

The major attraction of Pump is its portability, light weight, & rugged enough to withstand the normal mines handling, easy to maintain in case of any blockages


Roof Bolung & Cable Grouting Fully Grouted Bolts & anchors installed by pregrouting or post injection

Long hole grouting from 3m to 20m, can be injected with cemetitious or other mixer (water based resins etc) in ratio from 1 : 033 upto 1 : 2

Ventilation control by spraying on to walls and prefabricated meshes.

Injection of Grouts, set props with a modification to produce high pressure setting up to 500 psi

Technical Data


22 Kgs for Pump

Dimension (L x W x H)     

8” x 24” x 44” (L x W x H)

Air Pressure

90 – 100 cfm  @ 70 – 80 psig     

Operation Control

One Valve Operation

Scope of Supply 

A special grout mixer including 2 No. drums of 75 litres capacity, with mixing blades, air motor and torque multiplying speed reduction gear box 

Since approvement are made from time to time, the illustration and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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