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VK 1240 Трошачка за павета-86lb

SKU ID: VK1240


VK 1240 Трошачка за павета-86lb

Vikay Mining Equipments is a worldwide distributor of OEM quality VK 1240 Трошачка за павета-86lb - technically equivalent to CP 1240 Pneumatic Breaker suitable for breaking heavy and reinforced concrete, frozen ground, asphalt, boulders and pavement from India.

Paving Breaker – VK 1240 ( 86 lb )

The VK 1240 ( 86 lb ) series of demolition tools are engineered to provide the strength and resilience required for a wide range of demanding construction and plant maintenance tasks. These include breaking reinforced concrete, tackling heavy road works, cutting through tarmac, working with frozen ground, handling non-consolidated rock, and performing general demolition duties.

The standard tools are available either in a basic version or in a version with a muffler. The mufflers can also be bought separately for retro-fitting. All breakers are available with a choice of different shanks, to accommodate needs from different markets and customers.


  • Alloy steel forgings – for excellent durability 

  • Four-bolt back head – withstands rugged use 

  • Integral oiler – provides continuous lubrication 

  • Reversible piston – reduces maintenance cost 

  • Air inlet swivel – for easy manoeuvrability 

  • In addition to the standard units, there are also silence versions (S models)* and versions with extra vibration dampening (SVR models)*.

Technical Data





39 Kg

86 lb

Weight With Silencer ( VK 1240S )

40 Kg

88 lb


735 mm


Blow per Minute



Piston Dia

67 mm


Piston Stroke

158 mm


Air Inlet

19 mm


Air Pressure

6 bar

87 psi

Air Consumption

38 I/s

81 cfm

Shank Size

32 x 160 mm

1¼″ x 6¼″

Shank Size (optional)

28 x 160 mm

1¹⁄8″ x 6¼″

# Technically equivalent to CP 1240 Pneumatic Breaker

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